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Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha The Largest Royal Festival of Art, Culture and Tourism


Greeting from the Chairman of Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha, Sultanate of Ternate 2020

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb...God Bless, Om Swastiastu and Namo Budaya...Suba Jo

Praise and gratitude to Allah Almighty God for his permission Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha Ternate Sultanate was held again in 2020 and has entered its 19th year of implementation.

Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha, Sultanate of Ternate as the oldest and largest cultural Fest-

ival in Moloku Kie Raha from time to time is always carried out with great fanfare and remains focused on the preservation of Moloku Kie

 Raha Customs. As a festival held by the Sultanate of Ternate aspects of the preservation of traditional customs and culture, education, entertainment and economic benefits are also taken into account in the Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha Festival of the Sultanate of Ternate. It is hoped that this festival can also preserve and promote culture, education, entertainment and economic benefits for the community and business actors, especially small business actors. Legu Gam Sultanate of Ternate has also brought in foreign tourists who continue to Increase from time to time

Since 2018 Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha Sultanate of Ternate has had its own website so that it is more accessible not only in Indonesia but also the world To find out the history of Legu Gam, Registrar, Tourist Attractions and Schedule of Events from time to time.

19 years is a long time and Gam Legu which was initiated by the 48th Sultan of Ternate Mudaffar Sjah Sultan which was assembled with the celebration of his birthday has proven that it still exists and survives and even always awaited its implementation. Since 2018 Gam Legu Moloku Kie Raha Keep Takes Central Theme Form Sultan Mudaffar Sjah Thought : Ternate, The Light of Indonesia, Indonesia The Light of The World.

In 2020 the Legu Committee for Gam Moloku Kie Raha Ternate Sultanate took the sub themes:

"The Enchantment of Nature, History and Cultural Heritage in Moloku Kie Raha". We realize that the success of an event is not only due to the hard work of the committee but it is very necessary to be together by all parties, for that we really need the support of the North Maluku Provincial Government, Ternate City Government, North Maluku Regional Police and the Indonesia National Army (TNI) and the general public for the success of the Festival.

Finally, by still pleading for Allah's pleasure, may all of us always be in His protection given health favors to work so that the 2020 Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha Festival from preparation until all the implementation can run well and safely.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Suba jo

Firman Mudaffar Sjah, SE


Welcome to Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha 2020
National Declaration - from Ternate to Indonesia

On this occasion, the 40th King, Sultan, Prince, Daughter and Indigenous Peoples of the Kingdom / Sultanate who came to Ternate to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Legu Gam Festival initiated a declaration called "NATIONAL DECLARATION - FROM TERNATE TO INDONESIA "which contains five points, which is a commitment from the Kingdom / Sultanate of the archipelago to bring Indonesia as a Unified, Advanced, Fair, Prosperous, Dignified and Sovereign Nation amid the changing and challenging dynamics of the development era.

Opening Ceremony of the Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha  Festival 2018

Courtyard of the Sultanate of Ternate, March 31, 2018

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Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha

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