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Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha The Largest Royal Festival of Art, Culture and Tourism


About Legu Gam Festival
Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha Festival The Legu Gam Festival is a Society Ceremony that held at the same time as the birth of the 48th Late Sultan of Ternate. The existence of the sultanate, formerly led by Late Sultan Mudaffar Sjah (The 48th Sultan) until now cannot be separated from the support of the people of Ternate. In recognition of the people's loyalty to the Sultanate, a Legu Gam Festival or public Ceremony was held to coincide with the moment of the birthday of Sultan Mudaffar Sjah (every April 13th). The holding of the Legu Gam Festival was originally initiated by the late Sultan Mudaffar Sjah. This idea was born as an effort to translate the determination of the people and the sultanate in the face of various trials, especially the riots that hit North Maluku in the late 1990s. The form of "Bala Kusu sekano-kano" or the people's love for the sultan was the guide for the Sultan to initiate the party as an appreciation from the sultanate to the people. In order for the public party to be held with great fanfare, the Sultan's birthday was chosen as the culmination of the activity. With hope, the party is able to evoke a sense of belonging between The Sultan and The People, and vice versa. Every year since it was first held in 2005, the Legu Gam Festival is still held till today. Even by the local government, this festival is used as one of the annual agendas of Ternate City and North Maluku Province. This was done as an effort to preserve local culture and as an appreciation from the local government for the existence of the Ternate Sultanate, which was over 800 years old. In addition, the local government also made this event an attraction for tourists to visit North Maluku Province, especially in Ternate City.
The purpose of Legu Gam Festival - As a medium of friendship and build a sense of unity towards diversity Indonesia in one cultural frame, which is the basic culture of Moloku KieRaha that upholds high diversity values. - Introducing, preserving and developing the potential of the arts and culture of Moloku Kie Raha (North Maluku) - Appoint and socialize The values contained in rituals, traditions and literature of Moloku Kie Raha Cultures as a capital of regional and national cultural resilience, and also as a national tourism asset - Improve the economy of the community through economic transactions that occur during the Legu Gam Festival - Introducing the potential of tourism in each Regency / City in the Province of North Maluku
Legu Gam Festival 2020 Main Topic of Legu Gam Festival 2020 Sultan Mudaffar Sjah : Ternate as a Lighthouse of Indonesia, Indonesia as a Lighthouse of The World The Vision of Legu Gam Festival 2020 To Make Festival Legu Gam Moloku KieRaha Festival 2019 as an International Art, Culture and Tourism Event, with professional, measurable and transparent management. The Mission of Legu Gam Festival 2020 - The implementation of a professional, measurable and accountable Event - Preservation and development of regional cultural potential (in particular Ternate) as the cultural center of North Maluku - Expansion of the network of cooperation partners into and out of North Maluku in more detail, mutual respect and firm commitment
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Legu Gam Moloku Kie Raha

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